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Using TDD does change the way I write my code but I feel like it improves the code in terms of readability and maintainability (probably performance too but I've not tested this myself) by ensuring I use pure functions and ensuring there are as few side effects as possible.

For projects that are going to be maintained long term (more than a couple of months) I find unit tests to be super useful. If it's a very simple or short lifespan project I agree that they add needless complexity to a project.

Interesting point with regards to only being able test things you plan for, I guess this comes back to "devs shouldn't test their own code" and I'm not sure how we could improve this situation other than let QAs write some test cases too which is obviously not suitable for every business.

Not sure on alternatives really, I guess it depends on your situation and the project at hand but I don't think every project should use unit tests for the sake of using unit tests.

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