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re: What's the scariest thing about contributing to open source?

Great first question!

For me, the idea that I might have a bad experience is what made open source scary to me.

I had been interested in contributing to open source for a while, but kept talking myself out of it. Open source seemed like this big, scary thing that only the "cool" kids with all the experience could be a part of. Imposter syndrome hit when I didn't think I had the skills (a lot of repos out there did not seem front-end developer friendly) to be able to add anything of value. And what if—gasp—someone rejected my pull request, or was rude to me, or noticed I was an open source n0ob and kick me out of the treehouse.

Luckily, my anxiety was wrong. I've had nothing but good interactions to date :)

Was there a point where you found open source scary?

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