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re: Did you contribute to any open source projects before Hacktoberfest?

I don't think I had, actually.

It had been something I wanted to explore, but imposter syndrome would set in and I would dismiss the idea. I was following the Wordpress open source forums but didn't make the jump to contribute anything. Luckily, I was my own biggest barrier when it came to getting into open source :)

What about you? What's your open source projects have you contributed to?


Exercism/dart (Maintainer)

dart-lang/sdk (just a typo fix in the CHANGELOG)


Currently, various Dart-based projects because of the recent release of Dart 2.0

Primarily, if it's something I use and I hit a problem or I see something that no one else seems to be working on, I'll look at trying to address it.

Of course for me, it's more of about time management. There's so much I would like to do, but I have other non-programming priorities.

I hear ya! I'd love to more of this as part of my day job, but for now, I'm git-hubbing late at night and on weekends.

Documentation was something I was hoping to do more of. Last Hacktoberfest, I found a few open documentation issues, but either I wasn't familiar with the whole project or they were already claimed.

What do you think of jekyll? I tried it once at a workshop and it wasn't pretty cool. I'm curious what else I can do with it.

I like it, but the blog I created with it hasn't been published. Been working on it since 2014 off and on.

I did see a theme I liked, but it was for Python's Pelican site generator.

So I converted it for jekyll

I need to polish it, update it to the recent packages, and just make sure nothing is broken before I publish it. Again, other things come up and seem like higher priorities due to time constraints or blocking issues.

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