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Discussion on: Micro-frontends: Module Federation with WebPack 5

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Zack Jackson

Next supports MF, with some workarounds that I created. Next 10 will support MF as a flagship feature.

Single SPA doesn't make the JS payload smaller, it lets you mount many apps and bus data between them. Module federation is pretty much dynamic imports between separate webpack builds that are deployed independently. Single SPA also relies on system.js to share code. MF can support multiple versions if needed and has intelligent semantic versioning at runtime.

As for support, I've already released partial support for rollup and parcel will be adhering to our API interface. All three bundlers should be compatible with each other since we are working to make this interface universal. No lock-in.

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Arshita Narayan

You have mentioned,that the support for rollup and parcel were released. Couldn't find the example which shows the support for parcel anywhere.
Also, how is module federation different from single spa.