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Why are you no longer a freelancer?


I plan to go into this with next weeks post actually!

Ultimately it comes down to several factors:

1 - I like having a secure salary.

2 - I felt my skills become stagnant, I was trying to get work finished as quickly as possible to get a paycheck and that left me no room to experiment and try and grow my skills.

3 - I missed working within a team. Freelancing is lonely.

4 - I became sick and tired of having to chase clients for money and various other things associated with freelancing that people don't mention. I am still owed about £5000 from my freelancing stint from various clients and it has become likely I will never see that money.


I know it may be moot but is there any action you can take as a developer to recoup the 5k? Say take down their website until it's paid? I know it's unethical but Just thinking of ways to protect the freelancer against this practice of not paying for a service.

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