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Discussion on: I've made up my mind. I know how to choose my next tech stack ✨

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Sebastián Duque G • Edited

Totally agree.

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Ido Shamun Author

You need to trust on your guts as well. But after being so adventures and always choosing the non go with the flow stack. I want to rest a bit.

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I think Tomasz makes a fair point. Your choice is based on a local maxima — the Node community. I think, Ido, you hinted earlier in your post that you’ve invested in Node earlier on, but the part that will probably make some cringe is declaring that it was absolutely right. That will help the selection bias of those already using JS, but is a door-closer for many to challenge their beliefs. I’ve worked with Rails heavily, NodeJS (a bit) and many other languages and platforms. There’s a reason why Jose Valim, left the Rails community to create the Elixir language, and TJ Holowaychuk, the most prolific Node package contributor and creator of Express left Node for Golang. Everything that you’re using, to me, is very heavy handed. It can be done with Erlang or Elixir with the Phoenix Framework and Postgres — service discovery comes free, self-healing and automatic restarts is free, observability is free. K8s is non-trivial. It’s getting better, but doing it because you know how to do it is overhead because if you’re working in a solo project, you just want to get to writing business logic and not all the “yak-shaving”.

I don’t mean to say the above as a my stack vs your stack duel. It is non-trivial to learn an entirely new language and/or platform as you’ve stated along with all the overhead of learning the community and running into walls without immediate answers. All I’m saying is to not declare anything as best. There are trade-offs associated with every technology choice, and each person needs to weigh them against what they know, what they’re optimizing for (learning or delivering), community (access to help), and performance and cost (concurrency)

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Shaiju T • Edited

Nice 😄,
I agree use the best tool for the Job. I am interested in performance and cost, Do you know any server side programming language which is perform-ant fast and uses less memory for heavy I/O operations ? Basically I want to cut the cloud cost in Azure. Any benchmarks for Ruby, Go , Java or C# ?