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Discussion on: Kotlin multiplatform: a new cross-platform contender to ReactNative and Flutter

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Sebastien Lorber Author

Yeah but that wouldn't be exactly the same to me. People are already using Scala, Vue or whatever to build ReactNative apps. At some point you have to keep the tech stack understandable, and avoid stacking too many layers on top of each others. If I were to adopt Kotlin for cross-platform, it's clearly not because Kotlin is a better language over JS / TypeScript / ReasonML / ScalaJS, but I'd expect to give me something else that I don't have currently.

I don't want to use Kotlin to transpile to JS to build ReactNative apps in the end, as I'm already fine using TS or ReasonML, and wouldn't want to be on my own in the niche Kotlin to JS ecosystem. Every lang target JS nowadays, so I don't feel Kotlin/JS will ever be mainstream anyway, it's just for folks that really want hard to keep using Kotlin everywhere