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Discussion on: Don't attend a bootcamp in 2021

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Sebastian Vargr

12 weeks holy fucking shit.

That's barely enough time to grasp the basics.
My guess is that even if you succeed it would leave you totally stressed out.

Getting a job afterwards, would probably double down on that stress as you frantically try and fill in the gabs.

I took a short education of 19 months, and I still felt really unprepared for real work.

That was in 2007, when things were much simpler.

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Jasterix Author

19 months to get a degree or something else?

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Sebastian Vargr

The entry requirement was having completed gradeschool. :)

So far from, it was taught at a practical school where they also educated plummers, welders, CAD design etc. they called it webintegration.

The only reason I got a job afterwards was scarcity, being able to do HTML/CSS was in high demand then.
This was before the local industry worked out how to out/insource obviously.

I do not believe I would not have gotten a job today with that knowledge.
Junior developers are expected to know much more today, and to have a degree usually.