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If you are reaching this level of complexity with more than 1-2 services then i would suggest start looking into using a library with some more restraints.

At least if you are more than 1-2 devs touching the codebase.

Otherwise long-term feature additions and bugfixes are likely to turn this into state soup eventually, once developers start to slack a bit or implement newer idea's.

Which is bound to happen sooner or later in a system without opinionated restraints.

I liked the demo service example, but would have liked to see some with less observable bootstrapping, and maybe just some general guidelines.

Since that's what i find smaller projects benefit more from in my experience. :)

Found the article a good read however, thanks!


This was my thought as well.

From looking around it seems like (as of today) Akita basically is this approach, plus some organizational patterns/practices that should help encourage consistency.

I do wish there was a library out there with a longer track record that was lighter than NGRX.

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