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Discussion on: How Does Getting an AWS Certification Change Your Career?

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Sebastian Vargr

Certifikations has always seemed off to me.

Being mostly self taught, picking things up as I need them, the only real use I have ever seen for certifications have been the really nice badge one can put on their resume.

It certainly helps as a contractor, personally I can’t count how many times I’ve had to convince hiring managers that I am in fact an expert at x thing I’ve been doing for y years.

Certification kinda shuts down that conversation rather easily.

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Travis Sturzl • Edited

Certifications to me, as someone who has hired people for DevOps and SRE positions, aren't what I consider experience pieces. Honestly I'm more likely to go with the candidate who learn on their own, because it demonstrates that this person is adaptable and able to continually learn on their own. Also someone who has hands on experience is more equipped to make architectural decisions and contribute more to planning than just implementation, these people are more likely to work independently. Of course if you have a certification and experience that's the same, but overall the certification does nothing in the way of convincing me you're a capable and well equipped engineer. It's pretty meaningless to me. If you're starting out in the field, work on some side projects, I'd rather see those. Blog about your experiences, that's another great way to show interest, ability to learn and adapt, and at least some level of actual experience. To me getting something done means more than getting someone to say you learned something.

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