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re: It's the same story for me and most of my family; they dropped Facebook because they figured it wasn't actually enhancing their lives very much. Aw...

I haven't tried uBlock Origin, because from what I have read, sometimes you have to turn it off. I use uMatrix (by Raymond Hill aka gorhill). It gives me fine-grain, real-time control of what each browser tab is allowed to access. For each hostname the tab wants to contact, I can grant or revoke permission on a per-resource type basis. There are these types of resources: cookie, css, image, media, script, XHR, frame, and other. So, 10 hosts * 8 resource types = 80 push buttons--a matrix of buttons, so it's called uMatrix. Here's a screenshot of the UI for this site. Note that I'm successfully commenting without having enabled most of the resources... Of which there are many on this site. :)

uMatrix screenshot


There are three big reasons why I don't like blocking resources by hand.

  • It requires more work.
  • Block lists are collective action. Individual customizations are not.
  • I can't recommend it to my less technical family and friends. And I don't want to be recommending stuff that I don't use myself.
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