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Seema Saharan
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My first HacktoberFest | Learnings, and Sharing

Hello everyone, this year I participated for the first time in HacktoberFest, and the experience was awesome. I not only contributed and completed the challenge but shared my learnings with others.
Many students were able to complete this challenge because of my videos, and it gives me immense joy that I could help someone.
Apart from that, I reviewed many pull requests too.
I hope you all did too.

My YouTube videos that helped people:

  1. #1 What is OPEN SOURCE? | Understand open-source with a different example.

  2. #2 Why and How to start contributing to Open Source | My journey in Open Source | Prerequisites.

  3. #3 Choose the right project | Let's prepare for "HACKTOBERFEST" | How to make a pull request?

  4. 17 repositories for HACKTOBERFEST | Beginner to Advanced | All languages involved

Do share your learning in the comments!
May the Source be with you.

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