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Seema Saharan
Seema Saharan

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From a noob to an Open Source Contributor- My journey

I always wanted to do some open source contribution, and as a beginner, you'll be so confused about this, I was too. I'm quite sure, you're really confused right now. Because in colleges, they don't teach us, at least at my college. I didn't know that to do some contribution, we need to learn Git and Github.

Okay, so I fulfilled this requirement and learned Git. I was now exploring different repositories to work on and do some contributions. But how can I start that? Will other contributors allow my contributions, or will I be able to code?

With all these confusions in my mind, I came across this event Student Code-In and I filled the form for participating, and selected the projects, I was confident in Python, so I chose the respective projects.

After several days, I got the confirmation mail for participating. I and other fellow participants got introduced to the Project Admin and the mentors for the project. I was selected for Rotten Scripts. Here's the link you can check it this repository, I have some awesome scripts.

Contributions I made

*1. Automate commit using Git *

Are you tired of adding, committing, and pushing your code every time you change it? If so, you can use this Python script to automate this boring stuff. This code is the simplest one to automate the task.
Link for the repo.

2. Initializing an HTTP Server(Web Server)

Link for the repo.

3. Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

Link for the repo.

4. Subtitle Downloader using Python

This project was really interesting to do, as I have to make a Python Package too. So, I did.
Python Package

YouTube Tutorial

Link for the repo

5. Track Data Usage

Link for the repo

6. Building a Twitter Bot with Python

This was another great project to work on. I wrote a detailed blog on this one.
Blog Link
My twitter bot

Link for the repo

7. Uploading a file as a Gist using Python.

Link for the repo

My takeaways from this event

Well, I really learned a lot during this event. To describe some of them.

  1. Documenting my code.
  2. Clean Code practice.
  3. Well structured readme files.
  4. Even I started my YouTube channel through this event, as my mentor really encouraged us.

My advice to you

  1. Start sharing your knowledge, otherwise it'll all be wasted really.
  2. Start writing technical blogs.

And surely hard work pays off. I was one of the top 25 contributors during the event. That's it. Thank you Student Code-in for this awesome event.

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