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Discussion on: Chromium and the browser monoculture problem

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Kirn Gill

Counting Samsung Browser and UC Browser separately is disingenuous; they both simply provide a new UI around the Android System WebView, which is essentially Chromium embedded as a system framework.

They are a part of the Chromium monoculture, not an alternative to it.

And don't forget Opera is a Chromium fork as well since version 13.

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Ken Bellows Author • Edited on

Are they? I didn't realize! (Like I said, I'm no expert 😊.) I listed them separately in the table only because that's what my source ( did. And I did explicitly refer to Samsung Browser as part of the Chromium monoculture more than once.

I did mention Opera as a Chromium fork a bunch of times, too; even linked to their announcement. Heck, the Opera logo is in my header image!

At any rate, adding additional browsers to the list of Chromium implementations would only strengthen my point. If UC Browser is already a Chromium instance (I'd love if you could give me a source for that, please!), the percentage of current global usage goes up to 74.18!!! Even higher than I thought!