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re: Introducing: Inveinta - Another Inventory Management Tool VIEW POST

re: Pretty solid! I like the mixins idea. Also love the material design. I couldn't do things like delete a collection (permissions issue), and edit a...

Oops! I see now that I didn't test deleting anything - I added the firebase rules after everything worked.

Well, netlify is frontend only, whereas heroku could host your API (if you needed one). I was ok with heroku for a while, but I moved off of it in favor of hosting myself (w/ Dokku). I've never hosted the actual web app there too - always somewhere separate like github pages or netlify.

That said, though, I really like netlify! Their service is top notch - it has a whole host of features that I don't use now, but want to someday. Probably my favorite feature is live previewing of deploys when you make a pull request.

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