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Discussion on: Interview question: heap vs stack (C#)

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SelfTuaght • Edited

I have a question in relevance to the Stack and Heap. I will greatly appreciate any inputs. Thanks.

Question: why is the new operator not used when initializing predefined class type variables(such a variable of type string) or predefined struct type variables(such as a variable of type int)?
For example:
string name = "Richard";
int number = 36;

The new operator was never used when assigning such values to variables name and number. But are such values still considered instances of the respective predefined type.

Reason why I am asking this is because if I were to define a custom class type(say custom class type Person) or custom struct type(say custom struct type Dog). And if I were to declare a variable of such custom class type and such custom struct type, the value assigned to such variables would be an instance of their types created via the use of the new operator.
For example:
Person person1 = new Person( );
Dog dog1 = new Dog( );

Thus, is string type value(string literal) Richard an instance of predefined class type String(alias: string) just like how new Person( ) is an instance of user-defined class type Person?
And is in type value(integral literal) 24 an instance of predefined struct type Int32(alias: int) just like how new Dog( ) is an instance of user-defined struct type Dog?

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