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Anubhav Garg $$$$$

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Google Guaranteed Label: A Necessity for Google Home and Assistant Listings

Google Local service ads used to have Google Guarantee Label on them. But with Google Assistant ads, there popped up the confusion among the individuals regarding the fact that how one can show up in the local listings with the guaranteed label without shedding a penny.

If you have listed your business with Home Advisor and Porch you can expect the Google to show the ads else it will be required of you to submit a request for guarantee of your ads by Google using this form.

According to Greg β€œin order to be Google Guaranteed, businesses must pass a background check and have their license and insurance details verified." Well payment does wonders and the process will be completed quickly while through the submissions of the forms it can take a bit more time.

The categories which the form qualifies for are Electrical, House cleaning, Plumbing, Garage door repair, Appliance repair, Heating and Air Conditioning, Locksmithing and House painting.

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