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Discussion on: Django Queries Optimization

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Dimitris R

Great advices, which I wish I had known some 5 years ago when i started developing a django app.

Recently, I went through the process of having to optimise some of the queries and its a total nightmare having to figure it all afterwards. So, if you want to keep your sanity while optimising the queries better do it from the very beginning! :)

What I found most useful:

  • Using the django debug toolbar to easily track queries execution
  • Settings up the db logs (as explained above)
  • Creating custom managers for the models I wanted to query
  • Trying to write queries returning .values() as much as possible
  • Using .only() as much as possible, to limit the data returned from the database
  • Fetching bulk data one time, and sorting/filtering it accordingly in python

p.s. For some reason the two first block codes appear duplicated.

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Valery Briz Author

Happened to me also :), thanks for your comment!! and great advices too!
I'll check the duplicated code :)