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re: Does it work without Javascript enabled in the web browser?

Academically it should, in practice most companies will not schedule the time for the work required to make this happen. It's just a cost sink for them.

Having said that, if your app is a mithril or react app written in javascript, what exactly is supposed to happen for someone with javascript disabled?

Just a: "Please enable javascript to use this site" seems good enough for them.


If your "app" is written in Javascript and excludes many potential users without a technical advantage, you could save a lot of maintenance time and cost by just writing it as a native desktop application instead.

Yup: It is much more flexible because it has full access to the operating system, you won't have to work around the limitations of a web browser, it will require no fast internet connection (but it could perfectly work with one) while hogging less RAM and blind/disabled people are able to use it.

What else?

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