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re: Hi, Serhat. Awesome post indeed. I had the same problem as you. I used "set autochdir" because of Nerdtree (to always open the nerdtree window to t...

Hi Paulo. Thanks a lot. My ideal solution suggestion would be don't use autochdir at all. I don't use it anymore. I cd into project root then make the search, edit etc.

However if you like to use it though, there are 3 solutions for it:

1 - Using above solution of mine. Add them in your .vimrc
2 - Using :Gfiles command of fzf.vim plugin
3 - Add 'dbakker/vim-projectroot' plugin and map necessary command like below. My mapping is "Ctrl+P" but you can modify according to your favorites.

map <C-p> :<C-u>ProjectRootExe Files<CR>

Tell me these fixes solve your issue.

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