Hi, I'm Sergey Kolchinskiy

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I have been developing on web for almost 2 years, although I spent 2-3 years solving complex systems as part of my Chemical Engineering studies using MATLAB (Python).

I live in New York City, greatest city in the world.

I work for delivery.com, greatest company in the world - our API offers revenue sharing!

I mostly program in these languages: Javascript (greatest language in the world), React (greatest library in the world), and Angular (ew).

I was at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon NY2017 as an API partner, so I may have seen some of you! I was the guy working for delivery.com but sitting at the Giphy table bc they didn't send any representatives to their booth. I was also as Comedy Hack Day NY2016, working on two great projects:

  • BettrU, the best dating profile generator
  • DiversiParty, the best way to plan the kind of gatherings you see on a college brochure and the best way to go to parties you deem woke enough

Nice to meet you!

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Sergey Kolchinskiy


- Front End Engineer at delivery.com - Involved with 101edu.co - Volleyballer - Can't follow Rule of 3


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