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Discussion on: Jenkins: Scripted Pipeline – Production environment job confirmation step

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Arseny Zinchenko Author

Thanks, David)
Well, as I'm doing more DevOops tasks - so and posts are more about it.
Anyway - will try to add different topics here.

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David J Eddy

I am enjoying the DevOops articles, keep them coming!

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Sorry, but "DevOops" made me chuckle. I realize it's a typo, but I may need to start using that.

I too agree with David. I throw in a Jenkins reference every now and then, but I've started to wonder if Jenkins is passe. Had a partial post about our experience over last 2 years and abandoned it because it was mostly ranting about everything we got wrong...

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Arseny Zinchenko Author

Hi, jeikabu.

No, in fact, "DevOops" is not a typo)
Can't remember where I heard it for the first time but I liked it and use sometimes to make something a bit less serious.

Regarding Jenkins - I like it. Its Pipelines really cool and comfortable for me so I still will prefer it over any other CI/CD tools although I have experience with TeamCity/Bamboo/GoCD/Travis.