Fire Alarm Monitoring System 🧯

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We were recently allocated group assignments by our university. This system has a web client application where users can view the status of all fire alarm sensors. For each sensor, the web application display whether the fire alarm sensor is active, the location, and the smoke level, (1-10) and the CO2 level (1-10 scale).

If the smoke level or CO2 level is above 5, then they will be marked in red. The sensor details will be updated every 40 seconds. 🚒

The desktop client application where users can view the same information from a desktop client. The information is refreshed every 30 seconds. 🔥

In this project the administrator can add new fire alarm sensors. An alert will be displayed on the desktop client when the CO2 level or Smoke level is moves to a value greater than 5, of any sensor. An email and an SMS will be sent in such an occasion. 📩

GitHub Repo 📌

Fire Alarm Monitoring System

Download and extract the zip file

Steps to follow for the rest-services-provider project(Rest API + web Client)

  1. This project contains the rest-services-provider(Rest API) and the web client application.

  2. Open project using an IDE(Tested with Intelij IDE) then resolve the dependencies of spring boot and react js applications suing the maven and npm.

  3. After resolving the dependenicies , first run the RestServicesProviderApplication(Spring boot project) class then the REST API will be started.

  4. Then go to the directory src -> webapp -> front-end ,open a terminal and tyoe npm start command then the web client will start in the port 3000.

Steps to follow for DS_Project(RMI server + desktop client) project

  1. Open the DS_Project in a IDE ,after that add jaxrs-ri and jersey-media-moxy all jar files as external jar files to the project.

  2. Then go to the root directory of the project through a command line and start…

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