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re: I used to say that I love Vim, but I've started to realize that I actually just love Vim key bindings. Vim as a program is great, but I like to hav...

I've also noticed that my interest in Vim has mostly to do with the key bindings. What I don't want to have to do is dive into the Vim configuration rabbit-hole. Right now I'm enjoying Atom paired with the vim-mode-plus package.


As a 20+year vi/vim-user I think I'd like to agree about the key-bindings.

Vim to me is not an IDE, it is an editor with a certain mental model. I use the vim key-bindings in IntelliJ, and indeed do not want to go into the deep configuration rabbithole of vim itself.

My use started at university terminals in the nineties; other students were navigating all across the screen without moving their hands :)

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