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Just because lists or opinions aren't appealing to you personally doesn't mean that they should be subject to content moderation. Just scroll onwards.

I don't think that is what the author meant. I believe they meant that lists should be subject to content moderation because they usually lack research effort and are usually low quality articles.

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But my point is that you can't just say "low quality articles" as though it's an objective fact and not largely just a personal preference.

Don't get me wrong--I know exactly the kind of article to which the writer is referring, but even at their worst, they're still helpful starting points for absolute beginners, and we have a lot of those on the platform.

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Jen Miller

usually lack research effort and are usually low quality articles.

Yeah, I think we all know of the 'kind of articles' the OP was talking about, and I can see how people might judge them of having low research effort. To be honest, I also grow tired of seeing them too :P

One problem is see is this:
I think it's hard to judge what is low quality or not. We can see people trying up their following counts simply by pumping out 'low quality' articles. The community seems to accept them because they have high followers on twitter...

yet for the beginner with no followers, we judge that same kind of content as being a lower quality "list post".

What's the difference between the two then? Just my 2 cents.