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Discussion on: Python 2 VS Python 3

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The problem I see with upgrading to python 3, apart from the cost of converting a large codebase, is, which python 3?
Every minor version of python 3 introduces new language features which are not backward compatible. How do you manage your codebase with such a constantly changing language?

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I fully agree with you. I don't use python much (except for small, random stuff, like a discord bot) but when i do (and i have to use a library that only supports 3.6), i always get confused as to how things are done differently in the current iteration than the one before it.

I guess my biggest gripe with python3 is that it's not backwards compatible with python2 (and, as you said, with 3 itself sometimes) with all that Unicode bullshit and the way they changed print. I do understand (and agree) that in the long term these are better solutions, but we are not living in the future, and this is confusing. At least give us the option to choose between the old ASCII strings and the new Unicode ones. This would also help so much in porting old libs to 3 (not that it would be a good idea that way, but at least id have access to all the libs i had in 2).