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How To Install Extensions in BlueJ if you have Mac OSX

I'm very distracted and I kwnow that there are many people like me, so if you are distracted like me and you wanna install an extension in BlueJ, you have to follow the next steps:

1.- You have to download and Install BlueJ you can go to

Image description

2.- Now you have a BlueJ Folder like this

Image description

3.- Open the folder and Command-click and choose Show Package Contents

Image description

4.- Extensions are installed by placing the extension jar file into an extension directory


Image description

5.- Now open your BlueJ, go to help >installed extensions and you will can see your "installed extensions"

Image description

And in case you didn't see it before, all this information can be found on the same BlueJ page, I found it after reading carefully and searching unsuccessfully all over the web.

BlueJ 5 has a rewritten extensions API explained here. the extensions page still exists for those interested in extensions for BlueJ 4 and older only, but for BlueJ5 and later you can use this extensions


1.- Since BlueJ 5 you can write your own extension, if you wanna find out how to write your own extensions, you can read this
2.- You will need BlueJ extension API documentation
3.- If you wanna share an extension with BlueJ you have to contact them here

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