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Use flutter at its BEST!

Flutter can help you build your next big idea ๐Ÿ˜€ and it has a lot of widgets and libraries to facilitate the development. But you can use them only when you know about them ๐Ÿ˜Ž so do you know any of these that can help increase your productivity?

1.) Introduction Screen

Introduction screen allows you to have a screen at launcher for example, where you can explain your app. This Widget is very customizable with a great design.

Image description

  pages: listPagesViewModel,
  onDone: () {
    // When done button is press
  showBackButton: false,
  showSkipButton: true,
  skip: const Text("Skip"),
  done: const Text("Done", style: TextStyle(
            fontWeight: FontWeight.w600
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2.) RichText

The RichText widget displays text that uses multiple different styles. The text to display is described using a tree of TextSpan objects, each of which has an associated style that is used for that subtree.

  text: TextSpan(
    text: 'Hello ',
    style: DefaultTextStyle.of(context).style,
    children: const <TextSpan>[
      TextSpan(text: 'bold', style: TextStyle(
                  fontWeight: FontWeight.bold
      TextSpan(text: ' world!'),
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3.) CircleAvatar

Show the user avatar inside a circle in your user's profile ๐Ÿค—

Image description

  radius: 150,
  child: Image.asset("images/welcome.png"),
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4.) Splash Screen

Splash screens provide a simple initial experience while your mobile app loads.

Image description
Add this to your pubspec.yaml

  color: "#42a5f5"
  image: assets/splash.png
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Run this command in terminal

flutter pub run flutter_native_splash:create
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5.) Status Bar and Navigation Bar

Customize the status and navigation bar!!! Add your favourite colors ๐ŸŽจ

Image description

      statusBarColor: Colors.indigoAccent,
      systemNavigationBarColor: Colors.indigoAccent,
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6.) Cupertino Widgets

You can set the components according to the platform, if you want you screens to be more like iOS, you can use cupertino.

Image description

  ? CircularProgressIndicator()
  : CupertinoActivityIndicator()
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7.) Slider

A slider in Flutter is a material design widget used for selecting a range of values.

Image description

  value: currentValue,
  onChanged: (newValue) {
    setState( () {
      currentValue = newValue;
 min: 0,
 max: 100,
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8.) Chips

Chips are compact elements that represent an attribute, text, entity, or action.
Image description

 label: Text(languages(index)),
 onSelected: (bool value) {},
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9.) Use Google Fonts

Image description

  "Google Fonts",
  style: GoogleFonts.aguafinaScript().copyWith(fontSize: 60),
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10.) Curved Navigation Bar

Who wants a cool navigation bar ๐Ÿคฉ?

Image description

  backgroundColor: Colors.blueAccent,
  items: _icons,
  onTap: (index) {},
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โค โค Thank you for reading this article โคโค

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