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Why I Would Be A Great Fit For TailwindUI

shanedrosenthal profile image Shane Rosenthal Updated on ・2 min read

Over the last few years TailwindCSS has gained a lot of steam in the front-end world. And, more recently, with the release of TailwindUI you can even more rapidly start building out custom html admin panels and marketing pages and components by copying some code constructed by the creator of Tailwind, Adam Wathan himself.

That is like being handed blueprints to a shuttle for your job at NASA from Elon Musk, like getting access to Gordon Ramsey's secret recipes from his great grandmother or jumping off a cliff with none other than Aang, the Avatar himself!

Build. Applications. Properly. Now.

If you have been building your applications with TailwindUI since it's release earlier this year like I have, then you can see both it's power in taking your focus away from having to figure out how much padding your sidebar links should have, but also what it is lacking. Sadly, there are several "teaser" components that only leave us with a feeling of despair, like Screech getting turned down by Lisa, again.

But with every hope, comes a promise. Adam recently announced an opportunity not only to work directly with him and Steve Schoger, the Canadian Dr. Emmet Brown of design, but an opportunity to build out these teased components and several other facets that will bring TailwindUI to the masses and the future.


Adam, do you need a pro that will churn out enterprise-level solutions to user-facing API's? Or a guru that will work with you to discovering an approach to supporting multiple color-palettes, while still being PurgeCSS-friendly? Let me be the Jesse Pinkman to your Walter White, the Michelangelo to your Splinter, the Neo to your Morpheus.

I have been working with Laravel since 2012, Vue.js since 2016, and TailwindUI since 2020! I am AWS Certified, kid tested and mother approved. I think though, the most important asset I bring to you is the ability think outside the box to come up with real-world solutions to everyday problems.

You ain't never had a friend like me.

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