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Discussion on: Should a Junior Developer start with a remote job?

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I worked remotely for my first developer job and it was pretty difficult and ended badly for me. No matter how open and friendly the more senior devs were, it's always more difficult to ask for help via chat or however. One of the biggest ways I learn now is from listening to the more senior devs on my team talk to eachother, work problems out, and code review with them. I would end up working 70-80 hours a week to make up for my shortcomings rather than ask to be walked through something difficult or new.

Being a junior developer, you may also never get to sit in on the code review for the senior dev's work because you would have to be explicitly invited to whatever chat they use for it since it's remote. In an office, you're hopefully sitting next to the other devs while they code review, and it's also easier to just turn to the right and have someone to bounce stuff off of, or who will ask how it's going when you seem stuck. It makes a huge difference.

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Christian Vasquez Author

Thanks for sharing your story, shanekurr!