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Natural Language Processing interview Questions

Hello, I’m Sharad. I’m a web developer living in New Delhi, India. I am a fan of the design, technology, and web development. I’m also interested in entrepreneurship and programming.
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Here I am going to share 10 Important Natural Language Processing(NLP) Interview Questions that can be asked to an NLP engineer.

1. What is NLP?

2.Define the NLP Terminology?

3. What is Lemmatization in NLP?

4. What is latent semantic indexing and where can it be applied?

5. What is dependency parsing?

6. Explain the difference between regular grammar and regular expression.

7. Explain Named entity recognition (NER)?

8. What is pragmatic analysis in NLP?

9. Explain the Masked Language Model?

10. What is the difference between NLP and NLU?

Good Luck for Interview.Hope you can answer these questions.

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