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Why Magento 2? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Magento is one amongst the most effective e-commerce platforms that facilitate supports any medium or massive scale business to complement their online store at a competitive value. In recent years the expansion of the Magento platform has been tremendous and it's currently being utilised by Developers and Companies. With the superior options, wealthy measurability choices and also the massive support community, it's straightforward to mention that Magento is that the most suitable choice that one will want once searching for the expansion of their business.

What is Magento 2?
Magento is Associate in Nursing open supply platform. Magento one was the primary of its version for on-line stores, that served well for around eight years. however with the growing on-line user base, the necessity for business growth with higher performance became a necessity that wasn't therefore simply met by the utilization of Magento one. so in 2015, Magento a pair of was discharged as its successor to satisfy the rising demands of the companies. so Magento a pair of is that the latest version of the e-commerce code from the Magento family that aims in up the speed and performance provided by varied different high-level options and so up conversion rates for the web stores.

Why Magento 2?
Magento 2 is the best possible shopping cart solution for your businesses. It offers a wide range of flexible tools that make it a better platform for your online stores. With the use of Magento 2, you can manage your store’s looks, content and functionalities with very much ease.

Following are a few of the detailed points which would help you in determining why Magento 2 is better and convenient as an option for e-commerce platform:

  1. Advanced Scalability and Performance
    As compared to Magento 1, it's proven that Magento a pair of works 20% faster on an average. the utilization of Ajax makes it convenient for users to feature things to the cart without the page being reloaded. Also, the feature of whole caching designed into the platform has verified to load pages a lot quicker so creating it scalable for even massive scale business.

  2. Easier Checkout Process
    In Magento 2, the checkout method currently consists of solely 2 simple steps, therefore, serving to customers with improved searching expertise and reducing cart abandonment. It offers choices for guest checkouts additionally without the requirement for login and registration. Moreover, the shipping rates are loaded dynamically once the client enters their address for delivery. As compared to Magento 1 that had 6 step method, It is certain to increase conversion rate by the utilization of Magento 2.

  3. Highly compatible
    With Magento 2 it is quite a lot easier to integrate third-party tools and other popular extensions such as payment gateways like Paypal and Braintree, to have better functionality for your store. It offers compatibility with various PHP frameworks, different databases, web and cloud services thus making it a hassle-free application for development.

  4. Better Admin interface
    The admin interface in Magento 2 is more user-friendly and easy to use. It is highly customizable and designed in a way to enable admins for easy accessibility of important information and easy management of products. Thus it helps reduce time in managing a store online and proves to be quite beneficial.

All in all, Magento 2 provides powerful features to achieve advanced marketing, SEO and catalog-management needs easily.

Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition
Based on the needs and requirements of the business, Magento 2 provides two distinct editions for usage; one is the Magento 2 Open Source (previously known as Magento 2 Community Edition) and the other one is Magento 2 Commerce (previously known as Magento 2 Enterprise Edition).

Magento Community Edition
Magento Community Edition is an open source e-commerce platform which anyone can use to build an online store easily. Because it’s open source it could be modified in the way users want to achieve their business requirements. It’s a perfect platform for small scaled businesses where the user can experiment and learn while building an online store.

Magento Enterprise Edition
Magento Enterprise Edition is a paid version of Magento. In comparison to Community edition, It provides advanced features and more customizable options. The subscribers of this edition get full support from the Magneto team and also get additional benefits of security and special updates. It is mostly used by large scale businesses who believe community edition is not enough to meet their business requirements.

Out of the two, which one to choose for your business lies in knowing what functionalities do you want and at what stage is your business currently on. Moreover, for both the editions there is an additional advantage of being able to use Magento Extension marketplace for enhancing the functionality of your store.

Wrapping up
Magento 2 is the perfect solution for any e-commerce merchant to run their business with ease and efficiency and thus boost sales and improve conversion rates and revenue for the stores.

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