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8 Online Tools Developers Can Use to Excel at Their Careers

Tools for DevelopersThanks to technology, we are now able to do our work faster and better. The same goes with web and software development as today there are many tools available that can help developers to a great extent. There is no doubt that the tools we are going to talk about are sure to accelerate your workflow. Using these effective tools, it will be more convenient for developers to beat the competition.

Here are the best tools or software that can help developers a lot:

1: Stack Overflow

Stack OverflowEnthusiast programmers can use this platform if they want to ask a question or answer something. This way, you can get more knowledge and get solutions for your problems as well. This platform has a huge community of developers where many of the questions get answered.

But keep in mind to check if the answer is already published on the website or not; otherwise, you can get negative votes.

2: CodeWars

CodeWarsIf you want to improve your coding skills, then small programming challenges can be a great thing. These small coding challenges let you strengthen your coding skills and you can also have familiarity with programming languages that you do not know much about.

CodeWars has a lot of coding challenges in different languages based on the difficulty level. With the help of CodeWars, you always have something new to learn.

3: ProofHub

ProofHubProofHub is a cloud-based work management tool made for managers, development teams and clients.This tool can be used for productive discussions regarding any web and software development project. Project managers can assign tasks for the projects and can also track the progress of each project.

Using this all-in-one project planning and collaboration software, it will be easier for developers to plan, collaborate as well as organize and deliver projects on time.

Here is why it can be the best choice for developers:

You can use its Kanban boards for not only adding tasks and assigning them, but also for watching work progressing through different stages. It also enables you to add progress percentages on tasks; so that your project managers can see to what extent a particular project is completed.

ProofHub’s custom workflows, Kanban boards, time estimates as well as Gantt charts assist you in recognizing which tasks are needed to be completed first.

ProofHub makes you better organize your work, therefore helping you to become a better developer.

4: Evernote

EvernoteBeing a developer, you must remember a lot of information, such as the latest technology, keyboard shortcuts, and the best methods to implement daily. But sometimes, it becomes too difficult for us that we cannot keep this much information in our minds.

But, Evernote can help you store your knowledge, informational text, and keyboards shortcuts and commands. As Evernote is cloud-based, you can use your data whenever you want.

5: Elfsight

ElfsightElfsight is an excellent form builder which offers you to build fantastic web forms. Elfsight enables you to create different kinds of forms. Whether it is a feedback form or contact form or more, it has many options for you. You do not need to code them and can post the form straight to your website.

Here is what more you can do with it:

  • It has a vast amount of templates
  • You can easily integrate forms to the website
  • You are comfortably able to position the form with the help of layouts
  • You also can remove the logo of Elfsight in the paid offers.
  • Moreover, this platform also offers you a live demo

6: Atom

AtomCreated by GitHub, Atom is a fairly new code editor and is also free as well as open-source. You may be using an IDE that is more feature-rich software, but Atom is incredibly easy to use. Whether you want to hack at scripts or want to work on side projects, Atom makes it easy for you.

One of the great things that makes Atom different from other code editors is its markdown preview mode. With this option, you would be able to write notes in markdown and view an inline preview that is really helpful while you work on Readme files as well as other documentation.

7: Angular.JS

Angular.JSAngularJS is a free and open source front end development tool which is best for small to large businesses. This tool helps you to expand your HTML vocabulary. HTML definitely can be great for static documents, but there is no way that it can fufront end development toolnction with dynamic views.

AngularJS offers you a toolset; enabling you to create a framework for the development of your application.

This completely expandable toolset can function with other libraries. Therefore, this works by providing you with the freedom to change or replace the features as per your requirements for workflow development.

Here is why developers want to use it:

  • It offers you the options of Data Binding, Plain JavaScript as well as features of Controller. Data Binding can stop DOM manipulation.
  • The essential elements AngularJS offers to build Components include Localization, Reusable Components, and Directives.
  • AngularJS also offers options of Deep Linking, Server Communication for Navigation, and Back ends.
  • AngularJS is known for providing built-in Testability.

8: Sip

SipSip is best suited for the front-end development team as it is an amazingly helpful, easy, and simple color picker. By using Sip, you can pick a color that you prefer and can use a combination of designs. You will also have fun when you see the names of colors after you have chosen them.


If you care about your career and want to excel at it, these modern online platforms can help you accomplish this. These tools have different advantages to help you in your development work. You cannot become a proficient developer overnight as it will take a great deal of practice and experience.

So, get the most out of these tools to make yourself a better developer.

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