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Shauna Gordon

Or just follow the individual people that you prefer to read. No one says you have to read every single thing posted on a given platform.

That said, LiveJournal and its ilk are still going strong. has a lively community. The Mastadon network is probably bound to have something (and most people don't limit themselves to a single post for things, and if nothing else, it's a fantastic place for discovery). And, like you noted, a great many people have their own websites and aren't even on these platforms.

The point still stands, though -- no one's forcing you to stay here. If you don't like the content (or, as the case is with Medium -- which I agree -- the business practices), then "vote with your feet" and find somewhere that better fits what you're looking for.

Or hell, start your own platform for yourself and those whose values align with yours. Then you can set the rule, get the content you want, provide a service for your niche, and depending on how you go about it could even have it pay for itself or pay you (if you want).

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Martin Muzatko

thanks for your input :) you are right.

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