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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v28

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Shaun McWhinnie

I'm Shaun, I'm a front end developer based in the UK.

I want to say I heard about when Ben Halpern was on the Jonathan Cuttrel's podcast Developer Tea a few years back -- but i'm honestly not sure. I've been lurking the DevDiscuss twitter events for a few years and have always found the content interesting and relevant to my own work and career.

Our team is at an interesting junction where we're becoming more decentralised and my role is changing from "just" dev work to having more management and organisational tasks for an internationally distributed team - so I'm looking at the #team and #mentor hashes atm for a steer on how others have approached this. Help? :)

Music - does anyone else just have a single Spotify playlist where they jam all their current obsessions? I've been doing this since about 2008 and have a playlist thats up to about 26 hours.