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Discussion on: How should my team use Git for this specific project?

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Shaun McWhinnie

For the your query about the merge issues, you could look at a workflow like Git Flow to ease the problem of having messy merges.

Each update lives on its own feature branch (feature/my-update etc.) which is merged into develop when completed - if you have people working on files simultaneously the most you need to do usually is make sure you git pull and git merge develop into your feature before PRing. Features are cheap and offer a lot of the benefits you've mentioned above about granularity.

Im not sure if it's 100% relevant to your use case, and I'm not a git jedi by any stretch of the imagination, but if you have questions about this, I'd be happy to try and answer.

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Katie Author

Thanks; this is exactly the kind of comment I was hoping to hear! Will read this doc and practice a bit ... maybe on my next updates to my blog.