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ShawnainMaine • Edited

Hey! I'm new here. I obtained a degree in information technology in 2013 but then life happened and I wasn't able to get a job using my degree so I went into a medical billing job I don't hate my job but it's not true love either. I got out of the coding after my degree program because I didn't have time with my family and my job. I have more time now so I've enrolled with freecodecamp and I've also been taking courses with I I started my degree because my dad wanted me to take over his website. He put this website in 1995 and didn't update with the X he had thousands of pages and when he passed I let it all go. I've built some personal websites only one still stands everybody else has changed everything about the what I did. I want to learn more coding I want to get a job in a coding field. The saying goes, love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life, and that's what I want. So I am here to learn more then videos can teach me.