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Discussion on: You don’t need React for building websites

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Shawn Hansen

While true, it's also true that frameworks are a gateway to language learning.

Back in the day, mid-2000s, I was able to stitch together a pretty decent (at the time) web app using Ruby on Rails despite not knowing the Ruby language very well. Using RoR was a gateway to learning Ruby.

I think the same applies with things like React. It's a gateway for some to learning JS. I'm all for whatever gets people in the game.

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Oliver Tacke

I believe frameworks can be a gateway to learning the basics, but still I don't believe that only knowing the framework makes you a professional developer that someone would want to hire. The main point that I answered to was "If you provide a framework when looking for engineers, you will know that they at least are capable in that framework, which implies that they know HTML, CSS, JS."