Best new way to learn music theory

Shayan Javadi on December 26, 2019

Hi everybody Shayan here! As a self taught musician and guitarist I've always struggled with music theory. This has been due to the lack of true u... [Read Full]
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I absolutely love what your doing here. I'm a programmer and a self taught guitarist as well. I started playing at 4. I know music theory very well and know song writing as well. I'm a React full stack developer. I would love to help you build and expand your app. Can't wait to take a deep dive into your app in the morning. Honestly, if you need help with anything, I would love to help.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope you like the app :)

I might get back to you on your offer to help. It might be a minute before I bring on outside help.

P.S. you're the 1000th person to sign up for the beta so doubly thank you!


Haha wow! Congrats. I just hit 1000 followers like 5 minutes ago, so that's really funny.

But yeah, if you get to the point where you want to start putting together a team let me know. I would love to say I did a part in something like this.


Hello Shayan
That sounds useful and fun.
Do you support only the English key notation (A-B-C-D-E-F-G)?
My musical mind speaks in Do-Ré-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do - other use the German key notation - and I can't for the sake of me switch to something else :)


Yes it unfortunately only supports the english key notation for now. Might end up adding it in the future though!


Awesome! As a fellow musician and coder (both 12+ years' experience), I am thrilled to see something like this come into being!

Just signed up for early access.

Well done, and if you'd ever consider having a team-mate (I know it's closed-source right now), would be happy to contribute.

Will be contributing feedback anyway :)

Have you considered using Flutter so you can have one codebase for both Android/iOS (and even Web) apps? As a budding Flutter Dev, I'm really excited about the possibilities this tech holds.


Thank you so much! absolutely do let me know what you think of the app. It's still a work in progress and any feedback is appreciated :)

I haven't considered a teammate but maybe sometime in the future!

Also the application is made with React so it's already a web app. I use Capacitor to build the React app to iOS and Android. Flutter does look promising though.


This sounds great :)
How to get access to the Android version?


Thank you! Android version is done, however it's not available to the public yet. It will be out very soon though! Keep your eyes peeled :)


I will be wating for the android app, sounds fantastic :D.


Super interesting application, I can help you to translate it to spanish language.


Looks great! Wish you luck with it! Baroness ftw!


Nice, i will check that, do you know when this app will be available on iOS ? Thanks for all the work.


iOS version is out right now! If you signed up for the beta you should have an email with an invite right now


Hi Shayan. It looks pretty awesome. It seems a really cool app!!! I'll be waiting for the Android version, thanks for sharing :)

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