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GKE: Ingress Controllers

Shekhar Sahu
・1 min read


The story begins with the project I was working on. Now a days deployment on cloud is beneficial as it saves lots of time and money to setup new infrastructure on your On-Premises, as cloud is also evolving from Bare HVM machines to containers as light weight VM’s.

This blog is not for the comparison of two Ingress Controller class but the challenges we faced while integrating client’s new requirement to the existing setup, which was hosted on GKE workloads with GCE (default) Ingress class as load balancer.

With time we realised the limitations of GCE Ingress class as it was still evolving and our project was already live on production. We brain stormed on how we can change the GCE Ingress class to Nginx Ingress class. Another hurdle was that the static ip which was registered for Load Balancer was Global not Regional. So we cannot change the Controller class to Nginx Ingress.

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