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My first endeavor with Django...

Hi, guys! So this is my first blog post, so I'll preface this with a little background before jumping into Django. I'm currently in an accelerated program learning software development in 16 weeks. Quite an endeavor. We just finished a month of learning frontend programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and now we're on backend (Python and Django). All of that to say that these posts will probably lack in complete technical comprehension and are more a way for me to write out my thoughts as I am trying to learn/process all of this.

Our first assignment with Django basically involves breaking things until you figure out how they work together. We have the framework of an app that allows you to add a contact and then edit it. So far, I've been learning about migrations (similar to git push, but only when you change, and the importance of doing them OFTEN, or else you'll end up with an incomprehensible string of errors. I recently created a new HTML page to set up a separate link so that you can click on a contact and each contact has a new page/url according to their respective pk. The difficulty so far is managing the amount of files and how everything is connected, but it's creating an even larger puzzle to solve, which is always exciting.

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