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Every few years there seems to be a technology, either touting itself or touted by other people, as an email/IM/text-message/website killer. Yet these core technologies are still around and being developed and bettered. Do you feel there is a "next-big-thing" around the corner to truly shake things up (e.g. the impact cloud computing or containerization has had in the systems world) for the end-users of technology?


I vouch more for evolution than revolution. I think ML/AI have promise to help us create tools to cope with the huge volumes of digital information we're generating, and that VR and voice control are pretty cool. I am super bearish about the whole blockchain fiasco.

For communication technologies, network effects are huge. That's why tons of email killers have failed—there are millions of servers comprising the global email infrastructure, and most suggested replacements offer some better features in exchange for losing the existing network and the open protocols that allow many different service providers to interoperate. Email needs to move forward in a way that doesn't leave that network behind.

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