Top 10 Workstation Every Developer Likes

Jay Chow on October 12, 2019

Considering developers spend so much time at your desk, it’s important to create a space that not only works for you and aids your productivity but... [Read Full]
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I would like one wide monitor so I can open multiple editor tabs, that's all I'd need, I feel like multiple monitors can be distracting.


Either that or a two monitor setup where there one vertical and one horizontal.


4 three monitors in studio... its all i need. A mini theatre with lots of monitors and decent speakers


I got instead of decent speakers a descent set of headphones. Love listening to some lofi Beats.


right, listen to the beats can help you code for sure


Great Setups. I went with one 48" 4k Phillip's Ambilight screen and a 4k Dell XPS laptop on my home setup. It works really well.


I personally use 3 monitors. One for code, one for a browser or terminals. And one for debugging or logging. Where it depends if I work on backend, services or front end.


That's cool. would you like to share your desk

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