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re: Does programming require empathy? VIEW POST

re: I don't distinguish these terms. I distinguish "coding" from "programming/engineering" though. I consider programming to be a lot of things. Even ...

Definitely agree.

A bit of an romantic here, where I think that software is a kind of literature that is meant to be shared and read by other people to learn. It written in a way should be readable to human.

I distinguish "programming" from "engineering" probably the same way you distinguish "coding" from "programming/engineering". When I'm designing formulas for spreadsheets, I feel like I'm programming, but I hardly feel like I'm engineering. Personally I feel that engineering is a level up from programming and requires another set of brain muscle to think about not just creating a solution to a problem, but also creating a robust yet malleable solution that lasts. I'd even imagine how the software might need to evolve over time as requirements change, years later, and the person who's updating the code is probably not going to be me, and what if it's a junior developer? I need to plan the architecture, design the APIs, and document the system in a way that's easy for anyone to contribute.

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