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FEC Day 2

Timothy Nguyen
Software Engineering Graduate from Hack Reactor
・1 min read

We had to set up our repo's foundation by creating the folder structure and installing all the dependencies. Setting up babel was a bit complex at first, seeing how the config file has so many options inside of it. Our approach ended up being to look at the docs for the official info and then comparing what we see to how babel was set up in our old repos. This was how we eliminated the unnecessary parts. One struggle we had was getting Enzyme to work with the latest version of react. We had two options: either use an unofficial Enzyme adapter with React 17.0.0 or downgrade our React to 16.4.0 and use the latest Enzyme adapter. We decided to go with the latter bc we prioritize official technologies and learned that the features we lose in react won't affect our code. I'm glad we finished setting up everything so we were free to start fresh the next day!

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