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FEC Day 9

Timothy Nguyen
Software Engineering Graduate from Hack Reactor
・1 min read

It's been a really productive day! Wow, I finally got the chance to sit down all day and crank away at my section. I started off rendering my elements with static data first. Then, I realized that our api requests in our server were a jungle. I then learned how to properly chain promises without the temple of doom, but in doing so I realized that using Promise.all() could be a much better solution. I was thinking that since none of the api requests required data from each other, they didn't need to be chained and could all fire off at the same time. So Promise.all() comes in here to catch and gather all the data that comes back once the last request comes back. It even puts it all into an array exactly like what we had before! Now our code base is much cleaner and should theoretically runs faster. After that I got data to render dynamically to my section and implemented stars and bar visuals. I'm really happy with the progress I made today, I hope I can make just as much progress tomorrow!

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