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Shiva shankar

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Just three beginner-friendly projects, help you to learn React.

Expense tracker

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Here it's a simple expense tracker, you can able to track your income and expense. It's a simple and beginner-friendly project. If you can able to create this expense tracker app, you can easily create the todo-list.

Recipe Finder

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Recipe finder application, you can search whatever recipes you want, it will show the list of ingredients about that recipe. The data are coming from a third party API. It's also an easy one for beginners. If you are able to do this project, you basically learn most of the things by this recipe finder, how to do async call, store data, and so on...


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And here the last one, which is your own portfolio.
Make your portfolio as your project, which will help you to showcase skills and technologies.

That's all guys, I will you see with next blog.
Do you think of any projects I'm missing, please share your ideas

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