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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v41

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Jonathan Schneider (shnyder)

Hi there,
I'm Jonathan and a freelance Dev. My first open source project has just seen its release (trying to make frontend development easier) and it seems I've fallen into the "build it and they will come" trap. As developers, I think we all enjoy uninterrupted, highly concentrated hours of learning about a problem deeply, checking previous solutions and then finding the missing bits. Now I am leaving this serenity to learn what else it takes for a project to succeed =)
So I thought I might join

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Chris Achard

Ah yes, build it and they will come .... :)

Well welcome to DEV Jonathan! This would be a great place to blog about your open source project, and see if anyone is interested.

Also: you don't just have to blog about what it does: you can blog about what you learned while building it, what you learned while marketing it, the tools that you used to build it, etc.

Good luck!