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My Concept Project


My Final Project

I've been introduced to the world of web development a few months ago and it has really indulged me in it. All of HTML and CSS is really fascinating on how much you can build from their simple commands and tags.

I've started working on a concept website for Razer™ using HTML and CSS. It's a still work in progress but once I finish it i'll upload it on GitHub and update this blog post with the link for it(Probably gonna take 1-2 weeks more). For now I'll still keep developing and I'm really looking forward to this octograd2020. :D

Demo Link


Link to Code


How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

Well to be honest, at first, I faced a lot of errors and issue but GIYF ( Google is your friend). Thanks to StackOverflow, Discord, Quora, Slack and many more I was able to fix my mistakes and learn a lot of new and cool stuff. Now I'm currently building it with all my knowledge and dedication and hope that it amazes other people as well

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

Coding is love. Coding is life. Coding is future. During these surreal and difficult times I know a lot of people are still inside their home but I've seen a lot of increase in the world of programming and development and that made me really happy that so many people like to learn this stuff too. I'm looking forward to more interesting projects that each individual has and overall I hope its fun!

Thanks :)

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