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5 mobiles app features you need to know if you own cafe

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The cafe industry is constantly evolving. We could see savvy cafe owner’s exploring a wide range of app features to enhance the ordering experience of their customers. However, they also reap great profits by integrating cafe ordering solutions. The key features of cafe ordering apps must be Simple, elegant, and logical to develop groundbreaking business growth across this industry.

When it comes to integrating customisation, it becomes limitless for the cafe ordering system. As the main focus is to increase your customer loyalty, drive more revenue and boost sales. Let’s discuss how cafes can take advantage of online ordering solutions and what are the effective ways to build a community. Using custom apps for their businesses, cafes look forward to rewarding their customers, streamline business proceedings and stay connected with customers.

There are endless possibilities to launch feature rich cafe ordering apps for your business. As developing custom apps with latest features can benefit your marketing efforts and support in shaping up the company brand.

Why Do Cafes Need an Online Ordering Facility?

Cafe ordering business is becoming popular with new trends right now. There are multiple ways to create discoveries and latest technologies getting implemented every other year. However, cafe businesses must be more creative inorder to reach more customers than their competitors.

Mostly everyone has a general idea about online ordering solutions for restaurants. But, online ordering facilities for cafe’s are really important in this digital era. Infact, you get your own ordering platform, pay zero commission, integrate digital payment options and many more.

There are a plethora of online ordering app features in the marketplace. Let’s see the top key features that no cafe should miss out. While choosing your online ordering system, ensure to check whether it fits in your brand. Understand your essentials, integrate applicable features and then launch your custom app successfully. Let’s check out the essential features of custom apps for your cafe ordering system in detail here.

Pre-Ordering Coffee

By integrating a pre-ordering feature in your cafe ordering app, you help customers to stand out from the crowd and get their hot steaming coffee on their arrival at ease. This feature helps to increase your customer experience better and also customer loyalty. A pre-ordering option allows customers to enjoy the perks of exclusive VIP benefits, who don’t have to wait in line. Meanwhile, they can just make orders via apps on the go. Pre-ordering options can also reduce the hardships of staffing in your cafe. A dedicated staff can manage all the processes and speed up your business operations that maximize your sales, generate more revenue and keep your customers more happy.

App Payments in Store

App payments in the store is another best way to boost your customer loyalty and expand your business community. By offering such great options, your customers will get more trust in your brand and understand that you really care about their experience. However, you have to explore actively about your customer needs and provide the best solutions to retain your potential customers. Also, you get more exposure to promote your brand by integrating latest technological developments that makes you gain attention over the competitions. Always stay unique and integrate best features in your coffee ordering software that simply this generation can’t ignore. If you want to get insights of how to create an app to deliver food, refer to this blog.

Find Location

This feature is mainly helpful for cafe chains operating in different places across the city or internationally. Still, small coffee shops can benefit from location finder features as it helps businesses to help loyal followers who will suggest your company to their friends, family, and colleagues. The map function is also helpful in spreading the word of mouth about your brand, which makes your brand unique and pushes you to take an edge over competitors.

Rewards Program

Rewards program is the one stop solution that businesses can get in order to boost their customer loyalty and revenue. Already most of your competitors have these features running successfully in their marketing strategies. In simple words, whenever a customer buys a coffee in your shop, offer a virtual stamp or digital rewards card. This card helps to keep customers visiting your brand again and again. You can collect a certain number of stamps, usually 5 or 7, and offer a coffee free at their checkout completely. Whereas apps are really helpful in Rewards programs, as it reduces the loss of physical cards, and ensures the safety of every stamp provided.

News Feed

Again, one of the best ways to build your customer loyalty is possible by taking your app further and building a strong online community with the help of your custom app. Are you thinking how it's possible? The best way of doing it is to engage your customers with news feeds on your app. Therefore, you can keep your customers informed about your cafe and engage with them in real time.

The benefits of owning a cafe application

There are so many benefits of having an in-house online ordering system for your Cafe shop. The most important benefits are as follows:

  • You get branded mobile website
  • This helps you to sell more coffee along with some pastries, and other items
  • You can provide easy digital payment services for customers
  • It completely Regulates your Cafe business
  • You can update and edit your items as per business requirements
  • Keep your customers stay informed about order through text notification
  • Allows customers to make advance order bookings
  • Maintain all your contact details for convenient and easy orders
  • You can access all the previous orders and maintain records Makes your brand unique over competitors

In short, the bottom line.

Have you started a new cafe shop? Let your customers know what you offer them. Just post everything available at your cafe or any information regarding local events nearby on the news feed. This can encourage your loyal customers to check it out, and always remind your brand to them. This works wonders to boost your sales and succeed your promotional efforts by providing exclusive deals for your app customers. As a result, customers will recognize your brand which directs every smartphone app users attention towards your business.

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